statistic for mediating effect testing?

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statistic for mediating effect testing?

HozzászólásSzerző: spadekevin » 2018.08.11. 13:48


My research model has to mediators. How to interpret or validate the effects of mediations is my question. I mean, I want to know whether relationships between two independent variables and one dependent variable in my model are fully or partially mediated by the mediators. Is it enough to notify the significance of each path (i.e., IVs -> M, M -> DV, IVs -> DV)? Is there any of more rigorious approach to validate the mediating effects?

I have read some postings about direct, indirect, total effect. Is this approach also one of the things I have to follow to get mediating effect analysis done? Also, regarding Baron and Kenny approach for mediation test, is it just enough to notify my research model fits with the conditions in each step? Lastly, would you please give me more knowledge about peudeo F statistic for mediating effect testing?

Please help.

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