trouble with gears in built up hilly areas

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trouble with gears in built up hilly areas

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My test is coming up in three days and I'm still having trouble with gears in built up hilly areas. Basically, the routes where my test is are all extremely steep hills and narrow roads and most of the time there are cars parked on one or both sides. My instructor told me I should be in 2nd gear as I navigate my way down the hill but no matter what I do, my car sounds terribly uncomfortable in 2nd gear and Im stuck on the brake the entire time trying to fight gravity. These hills are VERY steep and unless I go into 3rd my car shudders and screams and generally makes it seem like I have no control of the car. I cant gently break to adjust my speed then proceed as the pull of the hill only causes me to regain speed. At the end of these roads are yield signs and stop signs and coming to a gentle stop is near impossible for me.

Please help

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