Homemade Signs

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Homemade Signs

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If for example, I owned a large house on a side of a road with a 50 mph limit, which had a hedge on the front of the garden, If I was to put a metal pole with a 30 sign on one side, and a 50 sign on the other, which followed the road sign guidelines, and had a light on it, and the person who lived opposite did the same thing, would this be legal? I was wondering this as I have seen the fake speed cameras and signs on , what the legal status of this would be, and the opposite (50 sign in a 30 zone). If it is, and I was to live on a corner house of a busy cutthrough road, maybe a large no-entry sign with £1000 fine sign below it would do the trick, and a few CCTV cameras on the wall as well .

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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