Guru Mediation Error

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Guru Mediation Error

HozzászólásSzerző: paulaaron2 » 2018.06.29. 10:38


I really didn't intend on asking my next dumb question so soon, but I've hit the next wall in my nds programming, a "Guru Mediation Error". My program worked on nocash (which I know doesn't mean it will work on hardware) so what kind of things could cause an issue on hardware that doesn't occur on an emulator? I'm using an EZ Flash V. My program uses libfilesystem, and after I removed the default exception handler code, the mediation error no longer occurred but nitrofs is failing to initialise. Other things of note, the program is linked with the dswifi lib but doesn't actually actively use it yet. I've also tried applying the EZ Flash V dldi patch to the rom (not sure if that would make a difference, still very new to all this) which didnt fix the problem. Not really sure where to start here, any advice from the pros?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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