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Csatlakozott: 2018.05.08. 11:52
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HozzászólásSzerző: MichaelSmith » 2018.05.18. 06:34


I left him because he was abusive, sometimes physically but mostly emotionally. He destroyed me as a human and I was practically dead inside. I'm very lucky to have my kids because they gave me the strength to leave.
ANYWAY, the last 13 months have been a roller coaster. We agreed back in April 2016 that the arrangements will be 2 visits a week- Tuesday afternoons and full day Sundays. He has cancelled 25 of the possible 75 visits during this time all for different reasons and sometimes without even a phone call to say he needed to cancel. He has also not paid any child support. He has a history of drug abuse and was also selling drugs during our relationship (I have not reported this). He has drink driving charges from 2014, lost his license due to unpaid fines and was caught twice driving on a suspended license in 2016.

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