Comercial Lease for Residential loft

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Comercial Lease for Residential loft

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My son found this great loft he is planning to move in. I took a peak at the lease and the first thing I noticed was the title "Commercial Lease Agreement". I actually Googl'ed for a phrase from the lease and found the form available for download on one of the free legal advise site. From my son's words, the loft used to be a retail store and it will be easy to alter for a nice living loft with room mates. My son doesn't wan to "bother" with "legalites" and eager to sign the lease, reasoning that the LL insist on the commercial lease and my son will not be able to find anything like this place. I do not have much experience in making deals, agreements and contracts and I have no arguments besides "does not sound right" in regards to the signing the lease. If someone could comment on this situation, that'd be great. What kind of troubles if any he can get himself ? Or there is no legal issues here ? What about subletting it to room mates ?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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