Openable windows screwed closed

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Openable windows screwed closed

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Hello guys,

A local apartment building had recently attempted to become more energy efficient. The hallways and stairways had fixed windows. These windows were replaced with more energy efficient windows. Because sliding openable windows were cheaper they were installed instead of the fixed windows which were in place prior. Almost immediately, tenants began to open these windows, leaving them open in cold weather, completely negating any savings created by installing energy new efficient windows. The building owner decided to screw the windows shut. Last night the fire department responded a fire in one of the apartments. This morning I found a complaint on my desk from the fire officer about the windows being screwed shut.

So the question is, is there any locking system which would comply with IPMC 304.13.2? I want to do everything I can to help the building owner, but I also have to enforce the code. I have gone so far aas to ask the fire officer who filed the complaint how they addressed fires there when the fixed windows were in place. At the same time, I know, as a firefighter, if a window appears to open and has hardware allowing it to open, it should open.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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