Residential Issues...!!!

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Residential Issues...!!!

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What would be consider a residential setting? People have different thoughts on this so I was hoping I can get some of the posters opinion on this. I have a court order that says the children must be place ina residentail setting. To me that means a house or apartment or a place where people live and sleep.Would anyone consider a Food Store or a residential setting? Right now I know that the STBX doesn watch our children and leave them with her parents at their Grocery Store everyday. Recently, the commissioner order I get every other week placement. Now if I can prove that the babysitters dont have a good setting to raise my kids is it possible that I can retain more placement time or even get full custody due to that the babysitters are not watching our kids or even caring for them. I question how can a babysitter own a business and watch kids at the same time......The mother has gotten by with Lies and more lies to the court system but how far will her lies take ..She has lots of allegations that she cant even prove.really how important are allegations.

please help

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