Consumer Cellular and Security code

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Consumer Cellular and Security code

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After the recent data breaches, there has been much discussion and a few newspaper reports of fraud being committed by transferring (porting) a victim's cellphone number. Once successful, this can give the criminal access to messages sent to the phone, especially 2-factor authentication codes. So a prudent step would be to place a security code that the cellphone consumer will use in telephone communications with the carrier, as requests for porting are usually dealt with over the phone.
I realized that CC, unlike many other carriers, uses the last 4 numbers of customer's Social security number as the security code. This makes it worthless after the recent Equifax debacle.
I emailed CC, and they recommended setting up my own code- this requires calling them and verifying the last 4 of my SSN!
Anyway, I did create my own security code.

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